Friday, June 14, 2013

Never a Dull Moment.....

LOOK OUT IDAHO......HERE SHE COMES!!! The fact we were able to keep Jacoby out of Idaho for 6 months was a MIRACLE in itself. She spent half of her childhood in the "potato state" ...nothing in the world makes her happier than making the trek home to both Grandma's homes. We NEEDED to go because we had high school graduations we just COULDN'T miss. Overall, she had an amazing time with family...the tears flowed as we pulled out of town, but she knew there were things she needed to "get rolling" back in the Great Northwest! 

One of those things she wanted to "get rolling" included heading back to her gym to help out. As every gymnast knows, the girls you sweat with day in and day out....year in and year out....attach you for life to each other. Jacoby had been missing the daily conversations with her gym buddies more than ANYTHING else.
She has been back at Roach Gymnastics helping out in any way she can, for the past two weeks. Nothing touches this ol' mom's heart more than coming to pick her up and finding her absolutely COVERED in chalk...from the top of her shirt, to the wheels on her wheelchair; she had BEEN LOVED the last 3 hours! Roach Gymnastics is her "home away from home" and we LOVE THEM....
Jacoby has also been diving into her studies that had fallen behind due to the injury. She is in school everyday for part of the day; the other half is given to rehabilitation. The other classes she has now started on-line, are Algebra and Science. Good thing her twin brother, Kaleb and Dad are good at Math because it seems I can't remember my math concepts TO SAVE MY LIFE! She will finish both of these classes by the end of the summer, which will catch her completely up with her class. (Most importantly, KALEB! LOL)
Finally, Ballou Jr. High's 9th grade Awards Assembly was held earlier this week.  It was so moving to see pictures of Jacoby standing in the choir before her injury. (I was trying my best to not to cry...didn't work out)It touched our hearts to see students from the school singing Christmas carols outside of Safeway  in FREEZING weather to raise money for her. AMAZING..... Jacoby received the Presidential Academic  Award along with the PRIDE BALLOU AWARD. (Persistance, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Excellence) It was a pretty emotional night for all of us, so we ended the evening the best way we knew how....DAIRY QUEEN.

ps. NO NEW MOVEMENT...HOWEVER, she grows in strength and muscle mass everyday. We are ALWAYS hopeful and will continue to trust in the LORD for His will.