Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Our Dearest Blog Friends!

I have been dreaming of writing this entry for 2 years!!! I have cried for it, yearned for it and prayed God would bless Jacoby with it.

YOU GUESSED IT! JACOBY HAS NEW MOVEMENT!!! After 2 years of waiting, Jacoby made the discovery in the living room.
"Hey Mom and Dad... I'm not sure if it's a muscle spasm or not, but I'm able to lift my right wrist; I think it's moving!"
Let's just say time stopped.  She had our IMMEDIATE attention, which is a hard commodity to attain in the Miles home.  Jason and I both watched in disbelief and amazement as her once lifeless wrist started to lift weakly.  Could it really be... movement?
 Jason said,
"Lift your wrist again, Jacoby!"  Her wrist began to lift... slowly, but definitely  lifting!

Once again, we found ourselves standing in a moment where common words seemed completely  inadequate to express what our hearts where aching to release.  Such complete nonsense to someone else, could be "a Parting of the Red Sea" moment for another person.  You see, when that brain signal found a pathway down Jacoby's arm, new hope found a pathway back into our hearts. 

Jacoby sharing her "good news" with her gym sisters!