Friday, September 13, 2013


San Diego was a trip of laughter, chaos and lessons learned!

Call us crazy....but we were up for the challenge of sticking the ENTIRE family (8 people)in the family minivan --destination SAN DIEGO! (Heading for "Surf Cup")
For those of you who have traveled cross country in close quarters...and I mean understand the term "love/hate relationships"😌 With Jacoby strapped into the middle of the minivan, she took a beating; however, it was like she never missed a day of therapy. If you know Jacoby...she was using her arms and core to turn and give commands to her restless and unruly siblings the ENTIRE trip!
1st rule learned--ALWAYS MAKE HOTEL RESERVATIONS IN THE SUMMER WHEN TRAVELING!!! Jason and I failed to realize that in the summer months many events are taking place, even in small towns. So the first night after being on the road all day, and close to "hurting" all the loved ones around us, we pulled off into a small town that SURELY would have a vacancy in one of the hotels/motels. Well, after stopping at several, we found one with a SINGLE room left; Thank the Lord....WE WILL TAKE IT! However, we failed to notice there was NO ELEVATOR for Jacoby and her wheelchair! Jason ended up carrying her up and down 3flights of stairs so she could get into our room--LESSONS LEARNED!
2nd and final rule learned--BEWARE--WILD TURKEYS LIKE WHEELCHAIRS! Ok... this one makes me laugh every single time I even think of it! We were in the Redwoods and had just arrived at the "Drive-Thru Redwood Tree".  There was a place you could park and either walk and explore Redwoods or an open prairie area with a lake. We decided to start bopping a volleyball around until Jason and the boys got back from their "explore expedition". Meanwhile, Jacoby started driving her chair away from us just to get a little time to herself in a beautiful setting. No sooner did she pull away, when the two wild turkeys by the lake started following her. We were laughing at how funny it looked, but thought they would lose interest...WE WERE WRONG! The faster she drove....the faster they ran toward her! Actually, I think they really liked the shiny wheels. We sent JJ to go "save" her; he took this as permission to stone the poor turkeys to death! (yes...we have some red neck blood in our veins) This kept us laughing the rest of the night; this girl just can't get a brake. 

San Diego ROCKED! So thankful God gave us the opportunity to thankful for thankful for lessons learned!

at the redwoods!

visiting Hearst Castle