Sunday, March 10, 2013

Our Stem Cell Journey...

Some trips are forever "etched" into our memory...this was one of those trips. Stem cell we come!
After community, state, and national financial efforts were made on our Jacoby's behalf, we boarded a plane to California on February 12, 2013. We stayed the first night in San Diego, California. The following morning, we made the amazingly quick trip into Tiajuana, Mexico where we began our stem cell treatment. We continued the treatment in California--putting the trip at 19 days total. California was wonderful in many ways, but as Dorthy says to Toto......"there's no place like home." 
During the trip, there were many inspirational moments....the following are a few we wanted to share with all of you:

1. Jacoby's First Plane Ride in a Wheelchair--We were so proud of Jacoby as she boarded the plane.  Of course, "all eyes" were on her and as they were placing her in her seat they accidentely let her slip down in front of her seat. Jacoby took it like a champ and gained the respect of everyone sitting by her.
2. Huntington Beach and "Ruby's"-- Jacoby loved going to the beach and watching all the surfers.  We have many family memories from the past at Huntington Beach; playing in the ocean, playing Ultimate Frisbee in the sand, and drinking milk-shakes from Ruby's, of course!
3. The Hobbit! We were so excited to go see The Hobbit. It felt like we had waited forever. It made it all worth it when the theater workers gave us the best seats in the house. 
4. Meeting Jacoby's doctors-- The doctors working with Jacoby were brilliant and gave us a new sense of hope for her recovery.
5. GOOFY-- Yes... we said "Goofy." We knew our trip would have to include Disneyland, and Goofy won our hearts this trip! While we were waiting for Morgan to get through the long Goofy line, Goofy looked over and saw Jacoby off to the side. He motioned to the other children to wait for him and came over and hugged Jacoby. Our new favorite Disney character FOR LIFE.   

That pretty much wraps it up......

Philippians 4:13

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me"




  1. It is so wonderful to hear an update! Your entire family is in our daily prayers. We continue to pray for the healing and mobility of jacobys body,, support for the daily needs of your family, and experience from the doctors who are treating Jacoby! Have a blessed day.

  2. I don't know you, but so glad Jacoby is continuing the fight in therapy.

  3. So glad to hear there was fun in this trip & not just doctor appts! We continue to pray for her healing. We want God to work faster but know that His time is perfect. Welcome Home Miles Family!

  4. I concur with the first comment:) It is so wonderful to hear your updates, and continual, daily prayers I pray for Jacoby, that she continues to heal and for mobility.

  5. It sounds like this was a very successful trip.

    Please give us updates on the stem cell treatment. This type of treatment is so new and experimental. It would be wonderful if it worked... even a little.

    Best of luck!

  6. Everyday I check up on Jacoby (I have this bookmarked) and I have been anxiously awaiting news. I am so glad to get some encouraging news. I lived in Huntington Beach and I envisioned your family excursion vividly. I am happy to hear about the stem cell teatment and the movement Jacoby had. I pray this keeps coming. Thank you for keeping us informed. The updates are a daily ritual for me. Wishing your family many more smiles.....Lynze

  7. Of course this is exactly what many of us were expecting to hear when you updated us again. Go Jacoby. Keep the faith and just go for it. So many of us are afraid of success, don't let fear stand in your way when God is calling you to take your first steps towards Him. Like a child you begin again. Do not fear for He is with you. All our love and continued prayers to you and your family. The Goodman Family