Monday, June 23, 2014

Alive and Kickin'!

 Those were the best words I had heard all month.  The last day of school would be Thursday, June 19th; the "light at the end of the tunnel" was here, the Miles Family was going to celebrate! (As you are celebrating now because you are reading the first update on Jacoby in 5 Forgive us, we are much better at making memories than writing them down!)
Of course, the celebrating began...end-of-year parties, pizza, sleepovers etc. We started reminiscing  about all the fun things we did and accomplished during the year. One thing is for sure, we have some "blog catching up" to do!
Jacoby is Jacoby...and pushed through her Sophomore year with flying colors.  She managed to tie her twin brother, Kaleb with a 4.0 GPA. She wasn't about to let him pass her by... some thing's just never change. 
And now the question everyone wants to know...ANY NEW MOVEMENT? Technically, no; however, Jacoby is continually getting stronger, creating new movements, and gaining the ability to balance herself and hold the position on her own.  Her flexibility has also been maintained at the same level since the injury; her flexibility is amazing! Vertical Therapy continues to be our source of rehabilitation for Jacoby; we couldn't ask for a better "therapy" family!

Since January, Jacoby has experienced more fun "first time" events... like her first blood clot, pressure sore and extended time away from her parents; we left for a week to Mexico. (Every teenager's nightmare, I'm sure... lol) Each of these issues seem small and yet HUGE at the same time; they are "milestones" on our journey through this challenge. 

Jacoby continues to absolutely love her time volunteering at the gym, Roach Gymnastics Center. The young gymnasts bring a smile to her face and serve as a constant reminder of her love for gymnastics.
In May, we made the trip home to Idaho for her beloved Uncle Barak's college graduation; my little brother is pretty amazing. The joy Jacoby gets from going to visit family in Idaho makes me think she could leap right out of her chair; Its worth every mile! 
June has been rewarding for so many reasons. As a family, we have enjoyed every minute of summer break, FIFA World Cup (GO USA!), going to the Mariner vs. Yankee series, soccer tournaments and more! Jacoby was able to help present an award to one of her classmates, Taylor Desmet who is fighting cancer; Jacoby and so many others have been inspired by Taylor. We are all rooting for this amazing girl!  We also had the privilege of watching our Uncle Jon become an "official" firefighter for the Kent fire station; what an amazing night for the entire extended family!

Last but not least, Jacoby was selected as 1 of 40 students in the state to attend  Washington State's 13th Annual Youth Leadership Forum for High School Students with Disabilities. Jacoby realizes it is an honor to have the privilege of representing other students with many of her same struggles. This forum is designed to equip these students to be a leader in their schools and communities; they will learn to be a voice for the disabled community.   She knows this will be a major milestone for her; a milestone for us... a milestone we are all ready to make. 
We continue to be humbled BEYOND WORDS by your concern and support for Jacoby. We TRULY love all of you and don't know what in the world we would do without you! She remains strong and positive because of all of you: her friends, family, school, church and community. Most importantly, she knows her God is Able...    


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  1. Dawn of bionic age? Paralysed man becomes first to use power of thought to move hand

  2. Thanks for sharing! It is such a joy to hear how God's purpose is being made known in Jacoby's life. It is truly a blessing to know her story. We continue to pray for Jacoby and all of your family. Have a wonderful summer filled with much laughter.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I always look forward to reading this blog. All the best to Jacoby!