Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back to School.....

 Leaves are falling, pumpkin is back on the menu, and Jacoby is a full-time Roger's High sophomore! (I doesn't seem possible to this old mom, either) Jacoby was given the option to move at a slower pace, but she declined that as quickly as it was suggested. (Surprise, surprise...)

So here we are... one celebration after the next for our family this fall, starting with our awesome victory over the  Emerald Ridge Football team at the annual "King of the Hill" game. GO RAMS! It was one of those high school memories we will never forget. (And yes...Jacoby was there in the traditional blue tutu...don't you worry!)

Being a soccer family, the fall never disappoints! Like many of you out there, living at the soccer fields doesn't seem strange at all. The week consists of daily practices to be followed by weekend games normally spent under the Washington Premiere umbrellas. (unless you're Jacoby, then you get to watch from the comfort of the car) Come rain or shine.....the games will go on! Absolutely nothing better for this family and many others. 😊 We have learned there is more to life than sports, but a little healthy competition keeps the heart pumping and keeps our children humble. We are still trying to talk Jacoby into playing in the handicap soccer league; not quite there yet!😉 (Too bad gymnastics doesn't have a league like that..)

Finally, the most important celebration has been Jacoby and Kaleb's "SWEET 16" BIRTHDAY"! Every time I say or write that...something in my heart aches. I'm not ready for them to be 16, not even close.  Somehow, it seems like the years go by faster and faster. We really do have such a small window of time with our children; LETS MAKE IT COUNT....INVEST THE TIME!
Jacoby and Kaleb both just wanted to have a party at home, so we did! The party was a great time just hanging out with family and friends, soccer and hot tubbin for the boys, "chatty chat" time for the girls, and all you could eat ribs. WHAT MORE COULD ANY 16 YEAR OLD WANT?! Jacoby mentioned to me she would have liked to have been walking by her 16th birthday, but the Good Lord must have something better planned...that we know for sure!

We continue to keep matter what! God is good...ALL THE TIME!

"Who can list all the miracles of the LORD...Who can praise Him enough?" Psalm 106:2

1st Day of High School!

Rogers RAMS vs. Emerald Ridge JAGUARS
"King of the Hill Game"

Lol... I told the boys to pose....this is what they came up with...I LOVE BOYS!

16TH BIRTHDAY POSE! Kaleb, Jacoby, Parker and Jon!

"Male Bonding"?

Jacoby and her adopted sister, Londyn!

Jacoby and Kaleb on their 16th Birthday!

Jacoby's Gals on her birthday! Mya, Mary, Alex, Jane, Julie and Erica!


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