Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jacoby's Journey Slideshow


Actually saw a miracle unfold while watching Jacoby in her therepy 5 days ago. You see, I normally don't sit in on the sessions.  Even though I know how much every 16 year old wants their mom breathing down their neck, I try to give her some space and let her work.  This day was different; she and her trainer had invited me in to come and see the progress. So there I was.... ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY! She was doing exercises that only 6 months earlier would have been impossible for her to perform. Jacoby's "core" was NOTICEABLY stronger; she was completing reps that would have knocked her out 3 months ago. I sat and watched in awe... as a parent does when they see their 1st child take "the first steps".  How could I go from being so proud when seeing her do giants on the high bar, double rotations in the air, to being EQUALLY proud of her leaning from side to side while sitting on her bed?!! How.....PERSPECTIVE!!! Perspective changes how we view everything in life....spouse, children, finances, home...etc. Perspective is THE gift that reminds me everyday that our precious Jacoby is STILL alive, she has her mind, she is STILL the same girl. And even if that had changed....perspective would give us the ability to find the good in it. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of perspective.

I added a slideshow Jacoby put together with pictures from her phone. Several of them are from her younger years; I think she likes remembering there was a day everything "worked"! Enjoy the "rawness" of her creation! lol

Always Believing.......... 


  1. All the smiles that I see through this video fills my heart with such joy! What a testimony of God's strength through weakness! You inspire me to my core Miss Jacoby and I love you so dearly! FYI - the gum picture is pretty nasty...LOL! Reminded me of Elf, when he eats the gum by the subway. LOL! Hope you did not eat any! :) Great job with working so hard Jacoby! So proud of you!

  2. I really enjoyed the slideshow; Jacoby did a great job. :) I'm also very happy to hear about how much progress she's continuing to make w/ her physical recovery. I'm sure the next few months will bring lots more progress! I don't know Jacoby in person but she's an inspiration to me nonetheless.
    Cheers from Redwood City, Calif.
    Shari K.W. :)

  3. Jacoby I am a gymnast aswell I am a new level 7 I heard about you're injery I have prayed for you every day. You are amazing. Keep up the good work
    - Trinity Collins