Saturday, January 19, 2013

Outing to UW gymnastics meet...

Jacoby made it on her first outing last night without having to cancel due to illness, etc.!   We attended the home opener of the UW women's gymnastics team.  Way to go on a great team win!  The team was very hospitable and did some fundraising for her as well.  I think they officially won us over as new UW fans!  Thanks to the UW team and staff and to all of Jacoby's teammates that went to help out as well.



  1. We were there last night enjoying the meet, but my girls would say the highlight was seeing Jacoby! My eight year old keeps saying, " mommy she is so pretty!". To them, it was a joy to watch her smile. We continue to pray for her to make more outings and to get stronger. My girls wear their headbands proudly. Thank you.

  2. We are constantly being amazed to see how God is working in your life Jacoby. Keep the faith and believe in Him. You bring tears of joy to our eyes when we read of your accomplishments great and small and all through your journey they are your testimony. All our love and continued prayers. The Goodman Family

  3. Hi Jacoby:

    I have commented one other time shortly after your accident happened. I have been praying for you and will continue. It warms my heart to see you out and about and doing well. Stay strong sweet girl and keep the faith in Him.