Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Miracle #16

December 16th--Miracle #16

His name was Ashraf.  I was literally  on the verge of tears getting on the plane tonight...trying to figure out what just happened? What just compelled this young Middle Eastern man to go out of his way to get us on our flight home.  It just didn't make sense.....my mind was racing to somehow connect the dots....what did he see....UNLESS...it was a miracle!

Just a few moments earlier, Jason and I raced into the JFK International Airport knowing we would be cutting it close...too close for any comfort whatsoever. We had left our hotel with plenty of time to get to the airport, but quickly started to change our song when we saw how long it took us to simply exit off the Midtown Tunnel in New York. WE WERE CRAWLING....this would certainly clear up, right?! WRONG!
"O God, please help us make this flight," I prayed. The kids...Mom and Aunt Mollie, but especially Jacoby NEEDED us back. She was hanging on, but it was time. 
We were 50 minutes out from the departure time when we tried to check in. The computer wouldn't even let us check into our flight. It kept flashing times for tomorrow morning flights instead. I quickly told Jason to try it again.  I wanted to tell that machine I had 6 children waiting at home, and one who had special needs; she was counting down the hours. I could see their faces; not making this flight was NOT going to be an option....please...please...please. Jason continued to try and check in.
By this point, a Delta assistant had come over and asked if she could help. She must have seen the looks I was giving that poor old machine. I was temped to tell her everything I had just told that machine in my mind, but I surprisingly held myself together and started praying. The woman was very kind and helpful, but told us it was probably too late. And then she called over a young man named Ashraf. We told him the machine wasn't even letting us check in. We didn't need our bags, we didn't need our things, we just wanted to get home. I'll never forget how this man took action. It was like an angel tapped him on the shoulder and said, 
"Hey, you need to help this crazy couple....they have a daughter who really needs them home tonight...Boss's orders!"
He said, ' Follow me!" He walked us to the front of the check in line....and told them this couple needed to check in right away. And he stood RIGHT by our side until we checked in. I kept telling him thank you.....I couldn't stop...it felt like my dad had showed up at the JFK airport on special assignment" from heaven. I turned around and thanked those standing in the line, my eyes were filled with desperation, so Im sure some of them could understand. 
He quickly led us to security where long lines had already formed. He led us straight to priority check in...walking straight past all the lines to a separate check point. By this point, I could have adopted him as my own child and I just kept saying,
"thank you, thank you, thank you." But that wasn't where it ended. He began to grab the baskets you put your shoes and bags in at security and told us,
"Here...move up to the front...I need your shoes, your jackets!"
Ashraf LITERALLY walked us through security and was gone, but not before this ol mom could grab his arm and ask his name. He could have told me he was Apostle Paul and I would have believed him. 
I couldn't stop praising God as we put our things back on.....
"You are too good to us, just WAY to good to us!" 

Through my tears I chuckled to think how busy we must keep God...always having to send angels and miracles our way. The most amazing and beautiful part about this whole story is that He is sending angels and doing miracles all the time...for ALL of us....we just need to open our eyes.
Thank you, Lord....for the miracle of Ashraf "the angel" tonight.........

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