Sunday, December 7, 2014

Miracle #7

December 7th  Miracle #7

It was early evening and the day was finally coming to a close. Someone had knocked on our door and the nurse popped her head in and said, 
"Someone is here to see you, Jacoby. He said his name is Steve Penny. " 
Jason and I looked at each other and then at Jacoby; this was the President of USA gymnastics.  What?! 
We all had about 5 seconds to panic about the fact that we looked like individuals who had crawled out from underneath a rock! However, Steve walked in and put us to ease right away. He was so kind as he talked to Jacoby and then mentioned he wanted to make a call; there was someone that wanted to talk to her.  He dialed a number and then told us he would be connecting us to Nastia Luiken. He had been told she was Jacoby's favorite gymnast...which was very much the truth. 
We stood back and just watched Jacoby talk to Nastia for a few minutes.  It was a pretty AMAZING way to end a day...don't you think?

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