Saturday, December 13, 2014

Miracles #12 and #13

December 12--Miracle #12

There was an accident in the right lane; we were now down a lane.  Today was not the day for "drama" on the highways....I needed to be at the hospital in 30 minutes for Jacoby's discharge meeting. I had drove home the night before to stay with the kids (especially Vincie) and planned to be back early to make the meeting. This meeting would determine whether Jacoby would be released on Christmas Eve; Christmas Eve was 4 days away. 
Traffic was beginning to build up by the minute; I could tell from experience this wasn't gong to be a small inconvenience...I was going to miss the meeting. 
"Dang it...dang it...dang it!" Chalk another one up for Murphy's Law. 
Back at the hospital the meeting had started. Jason and Jacoby had situated themselves at the table and anticipated the fact this would probably be the last one. 
Jacoby's head doctors began voicing their concern for Jacoby's discharge from Children's  Hospital. They told Jason there had never  been a patient with that level of injury released before 2  1/2 to 3 months; we were at 1 month. They didn't think we had experienced enough "situations" to discharge yet. 
( was all becoming very clear why God had not allowed "Momma Bear" to make the meeting that morning; this Momma might have brought down a few doctors that morning.  God is too smart;  He knew Jason would handle the "road block" calmly...which he did.) 

Jason explained that from the very first week at Children's Hospital, we asked them what we needed to do to get Jacoby home...that's all she wanted. They told us we needed to step in and perform Jacoby's care procedures which included cathing, bowel, showering, dressing and blood thinning shots.
BRING IT ON....had become our anthem; we would do whatever we needed to do to get Jacoby home....WHATEVER we needed to do. 
Jason and I started the responsibilities of Jacoby's care the 2nd week of Children's Hospital and never looked back. They had given us a checklist; we had successfully completed every single task. 
Jason calmly told the doctors and therapists we had completed the list for discharge and explained leaving her in the hospital didn't necessarily mean she would run into dangerous" situations. He said they should have clarified that expectation from the beginning. 
The doctors were silent and  said they would talk and get back with us on their decision. We were visited later that day by Dr. McNalley giving us permission to take Jacoby home on Christmas Eve.   Tears.....tears....and more tears......we were going home!

We brought Jacoby home on Christmas Eve 2012; just over one month from her accident.  Jacoby was the first patient they had ever had with that level of injury, to be released one month after admission; that was a miracle...........

December 13th--Miracle #13

This miracle is small and could be easily overlooked, but I just CANT let that here goes..... 


OK....this may seem like a silly miracle to some of you out there, but to have a Starbucks coffee shop on the bottom floor of your hospital ...that opened early every morning and closed late every night brought tears of joy to my face each and every day. 
Honestly, we were averaging 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. In addition, Jason and I were sharing a coach to sleep on in Jacoby's room; I bet you can guess how "comfy" that was for a month AND romantic for that matter. 
Long story short, there were mornings, when our alarm clocks went off, we would stand up UNABLE to open our eyelids! Thanks to my friend, the siren, several times a day....WE MADE IT!
Thank you Lord, for the small miracles in life like Starbucks! 


  1. I pray regularly for Jacoby and family. If more would do this, there is great power in Group Prayer.
    Brad Loan

  2. Its such a joy to read this blog. Your way with words draws us in and captivates us completely! Although reading through tears is challenging! You all remain in my heart and prayers. God's plan is the best plan. I'm excited to see the doors that open for Jacoby and the lives that are saved through her testimony.