Thursday, December 4, 2014

Miracle #4

December 4th--Miracle #4

IT WAS RAINING......LETTERS....hundreds of them; letters of love, concern and support for Jacoby and our family. We stood in disbelief as we watched this miracle unfold in front of our eyes. Within 48 hours of her accident, we had hundreds of letters pouring in through anywhere and everywhere. The gymnastics community, soccer community, school communities, college communities, churches, friends, family, even support from across the country and around THE WORLD from people we had never even met. This didn't even begin to TOUCH the countless voice and text messages left on our phones, steady stream of visitors, and endless media clippings on Jacoby's story. 
Now, we're not the youngest chicks out there; we have seen a few amazing things transpire in our day, but this.....this we had NEVER seen before. Frankly, who were we, or Jacoby, to receive such attention. The unbelievable concern from the media and people in general, humbled us for life. We love and appreciate all of you; we are forever indebted to you. We watched it happen and we STILL don't believe THAT'S miraculous!

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