Friday, December 5, 2014

Miracle #5

December 5th--Miracle #5

Jacoby had FINALLY fallen asleep. Other than the low hum of the vital monitors in her room, it was completely quiet.  Nightmares had become a normal part of her sleep, so when she was peacefully sleeping, you "thanked God" and made a quick trip to the bathroom or waiting room where family and friends graciously waited to hear a quick update.  It was in the Harborview Medical Center waiting room that another miracle came to life.
I had walked out to the waiting room to find Melanie and Dan Roach visiting with my family. Melanie had her lap top out and looked like she was trying to figure something out. She looked up and said, " We already have people ready RIGHT now to start a new home addition for Jacoby; if ONLY we had a set of house plans drawn up, right?"  Tears came to my eyes and a large lump made it impossible for me to swallow... 
"We do, Mel,...we do." Still in disbelief, I  called Jason over. 
" Did we  not just draw up "rough draft" house plans with your mom last month and stick them in the organizer on the kitchen counter? Jason nodded his head. 
"They want them....they want the plans," I said. 
Everyone who had just listened to the conversation seemed to understand the preciousness of  what they had just heard. 
All Jason and I could think was ....someone was 10 steps ahead of us...someone knew we would be needing those house plans, someone who just so happens to specialize in miracles! 

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