Monday, December 8, 2014

Miracle #8

December 8th Miracle #8

I had read of events like these, watched them on T. V. , even dreamed of them, but NEVER had I been a part of one personally; December 19, 2012 changed that forever.   
It was a freezing winter night, the kind that would keep most sane people bundled up inside for the evening; but not this night. This night there were hundreds of people with only one thing on their mind...and it wasn't their warmth. It was a precious young girl who's life had changed forever with one dismount. 
People were  desperate at this point to help in any way they could.  While,  Jacoby laid in bed at Children's Hospital with a raging, friends, and hundreds of people we didn't even know, were sitting in a theatre ready to give of themselves by their presence, their smiles, hugs, tears and finances at the"Gift for Jacoby" Benefit Auction. As if the sheer amount of support wasn't enough, somehow they had been able to secure the event at the beautiful Temple Theatre on the Tacoma waterfront. 
As Jason and I were pulling up to the theatre, we just stopped and stared for a moment. This amazing sight was worthy of a moment of silence. Then, almost instantly, I went into complete panic mode.  I wondered if I had made the right decision to come. What kind of mother was I to leave my daughter with her Grandma when she was so sick? What if I cried the entire auction? 
No...I KNEW these people deserved to see us, even to just feel close to Jacoby through us. Yes, yes...we needed them and they needed us.  I opened the car door and stood up only to feel like I was going to fall over...I was instantly weak. 
"O God, please help me...please........
Just like "Footprints in the Sand"....somehow, someway....God carried me into the theatre that night, and O what my eyes saw. I saw one of the most inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful miracles I had ever seen. In just under 3 weeks of time, God had worked through so many willing people to make an event take place that takes at LEAST 6 months to a year to plan! Olympians who I had watched as a child win medals and come through great adversity, were sitting right across the table from me. Im talking 4 feet away, folks!  I saw gymnasts Jacoby's books were filled with and athletes such as Hope Solo come over and offer her sympathy and a hug. The theatre was filled with hundreds of people; many we knew, many we didn't... but one thing they all had in common.....a love and concern for a young, precious girl  named Jacoby Miles.  The auction brought in $150,000 that night...150,000 dollars!!! We knew a large portion of this would go to stem cell therapy in Mexico and much needed therapy and supplies.  
Looking back, that night flew by like a dreamy haze, yet an imprint of love through those people will never be truly was a miracle.......

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  1. As I was reading your previous blogs this week, the "footprints in the sand" quote also came to my mind. It's been wonderful to read your thoughts and feelings through this life changing experience. We all love you and are so glad the support was more than anyone could have imagined!