Thursday, December 18, 2014

Miracles #17 and #18

December 17th--Miracle #17

Back at the home front, they needed someone to drywall. The pace was neck-breaking speed; getting a volunteer who not only knew HOW to drywall, but to drywall QUICKLY was going to prove to be the challenge. No one helping knew of anyone available, they were up against a wall...projects had to keep moving. 
There was a knock at the front door. Two young construction workers were waiting on the front porch.  They explained to the other volunteers they had just been laid off THAT MORNING and had heard of Jacoby's story; they wanted to come help with whatever needed done.  
Now for the big question...could they drywall?  Drywalling just happened to be a task they could do with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their backs.  The young construction workers didn't leave until the entire job had been completed; they had done beautiful work. 
The other volunteers could not believe what they had just witnessed. In the EXACT time of need...God had sent the equipped helpers, not a moment before!  The building crew said they will never forget that day........

Thank you, Lord for the miracle of bringing the EXACT help that was needed at the EXACT time it was needed........

December 18th--Miracle #18

They were running low on supplies; the "first push" to get the frame up had left the supply shelf almost bare. 
In a fairy tale story, I would elaborate and describe in words the most beautiful picture of a big white hardware truck pulling up to our home...LOADED with all the supplies the builders needed and more...much, much more.  These supplies would be a a gift of love, donated to make a young girl's Christmas wish come true. 
For those of you who don't believe in fairy tales anymore,  time to start! 
The "fairy tale" I just wrote about happened in real life. They HAD ran out of supplies  and someone must have known they would be needing them. The big, white truck loaded with supplies came to our house in December 2012...and delivered supplies AND hope! 
Sometimes events like these seem too good to be true...made up...fabricated to give others a false sense of hope. My wish is that you will never choose to think that way again after reading these miracles: my hope is that you will keep believing there is ALWAYS good..there is ALWAYS hope!
Thank you for the miracles that seem to good to be true......

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