Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Miracle #9

December 9th Miracle #9

The lights had been turned off; we had made it yet another day. All we knew was we were one day closer to going home...HALLELUJAH, PRAISE JESUS!
As busy as her physical therapy regimen was  during the week, there was still a loneliness that invaded our hearts and thoughts each day. Jacoby NEEDED people to boss around, our other children needed their Mom and Dad  back, we desperately wanted our family back together. 
However, it made me realize this miracle I almost missed....we faced this challenge TOGETHER each and EVERY day.  How many times had I walked down the hospital floor to see room after room with only a child in it...parents or loved ones no where to be found.  These children were in good hands with the wonderful nurses, but some people didn't have the luxury or overwhelming support that we had to be with their child all day and night. How hard that must have been for them!
Jason had a boss and co workers that insisted  he stayed with Jacoby at the hospital; they wanted him to be with us. We will be indebted to each one of you forever. 
Long story short, even with a full time job and 5 other children with extremely busy sport schedules, (I know you parents GET this) Jacoby  never had to be alone. , not even for one day. 

Thank you, Lord for that miracle of getting to be present.........

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