Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Olympians tweet and facebook for Jacoby...

 Go to Jacoby's website:

Jacoby with teammate Rachel
A special thank you to Nastia, Ali and Gabby for tweeting your support and keeping Jacoby in your thoughts and prayers!

We are still at Harborview this evening due to Jacoby coming down with a low grade fever.  She is eating better, her throat is feeling better and she is becoming more verbal.  Blood test results should be back tomorrow.  Due to the delay with the fever and risk of infection, please NO VISITORS until she is transferred to Children's Hospital.

Thank you once again for all of your support, cards and well wishes.  Because she was more alert today were able to begin reading them to her.

One of her former teammates raised $240 with a coffee can and her 9 year old smile.  When we told Jacoby the story it brought a huge smile to her face!


There is ALWAYS hope...

Donated auction items on December 17th.
 Donated building supplies for the house remodel.

Contact if you have a potential item or supply.


  1. Jacoby you have made it this far and i know that you can make it the rest of the way. Me and my mom are trying to find ways to fundraise at my school. you prayers are with me my school and my family.

  2. Our former pastor - Steve Ruetschle a married young father of three at UPC broke his neck C6/c7 a two years ago in a motorcycle accident and they flew him to Harborview for treatment.

    They initially told everyone he only had a 10% chance of ever having any movement in his legs.. and you can read his wife's very honest blog about the long road to recovery here and if you click through to the videos you can see him learning to walk again

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  4. This is so sweet. Jacoby is a big insperation to every gymnast who knows about it.