Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Overall Jacoby had a good day.  Although she is still struggling emotionally, physically she showed progress.  The doctors were pleased with her recovery from surgery.  She had the drainage tubes removed from the surgical sight.  She was able to eat and drink for the first time.  We got two smiles from her today.  Both were because of her siblings and cousins.  She was in good spirits by the end of the night.

A special thank you to Sandy of Emerald City Gymnastics who dropped of the first batch of get well cards and donations from ECGA.  Over $2800 so far from her massive get well card campaign.


Listen to her dad Jason on the Dori Monson


Tender mercies happening every day...

The following has been donated to the Miles family:

Over $8,000
Rubber Bracelets that read Life is a Gift www.goteamjacoby.com that we will sell
#prayforjacoby T.Shirts that we will sell
A wheelchair for Jacoby
Construction and electrical for their home remodel
Wheelchair ramps to their house
Her new web page www.goteamjacoby.com
Christmas presents for the entire family
Their Christmas tree
Christmas dinner


  1. My family will pray for Jacoby and her family to get well. We will pray for God's miracle to happen so that she recovers very well.

  2. Jacoby....ee love you! You are a special girl whose spirit uplifts everyone. Morgan will come see you soon.

  3. Much can come back once the swelling goes down, and the sooner you start rehab, the better your recovery will be. My niece suffered a squashed but not severed spinal injury, so I understand what this entails. Please read this link from the BBC: www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20365355
    Best wishes -- and may your next book be how you recovered!!
    -Eddy Radar

  4. To the Miles family:

    We were recently contacted by a local reporter who told us about your story. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation is dedicated to providing support for people living with paralysis and preventing spinal cord injuries. Our website is www.darrellgwynnfoundation.org. If you'd like, please feel free to give me a call at 954-792-7223 x. 101 to see if we can assist your family in any way.

    Kind Regards,

    Micah Moreno
    Development Coordinator
    Darrell Gwynn Foundation

  5. To the Miles Family:

    I'm so sorry to hear about Jacoby's accident. I am a gymnastics coach in WA, and have been a gymnast most of my life. I really encourage you to go to http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/jackjablonski/journal/1.

    It's the website for a boy from my home town who became paralyzed from a hockey accident last December. He's coming up on a year since his accident, and has make tremendous strides. I think that his mom and dad would be a great support system for your family because they have been through what you're going through with a son about Jacoby's age. When something bad happens in life, I think it's incredibly helpful to have people around you who know what you're going through, and I know their hearts would go out to you in this difficult time. If nothing else, his online journal written by his mother chronicles some of the ups and downs in his journey, which may be helpful to your family. My heart goes out to your family, and my thoughts will be with Jacoby.


  6. Thinking of you all the way from Montréal, Canada. Someone already posted about him but I believe that he's a great example of never giving up faith. He was told he'd never move anything below his level of inury, meaning he'd never move his arms or legs. It's been less than a year and he moves his arms and has had feelings in his legs. It's your turn to prove doctors wrong. You have thousands of supporters out there, all who believe in your strength. God never puts you through more than you can handle. The road will be tough but you can do it. Stay strong, Jacoby & family!

  7. My aunt broke her neck after falling off the uneven parallel bars when she was 16. She was a fighter and one of the most amazing people I have ever known. She was paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life until she passed away a couple years ago. You are not alone! It will be a tough fight, but hang in there!

  8. jacoby you are strong and you can do this you are in my prayers and some of my friends who don't know you are donating you can do this

  9. My grandpa was paralyzed from the neck shown for 6 months the doctors said it would be a miracle if hew would server walk again. He slowly started gaining feeling back and has Ben waddling for 36 Years. Miracles do happen! Never give up. We are praying for a fast recovery! You can do this (:

  10. I know you can fight through this hard time. I believe in you. Remember miracles can happen.
    Love Taryn Carlson:)

  11. I pray you recover back to your full potential. The lord works miracles. As you may know as an athlete you must work hard to achieve the highest reward! Go Jacoby!
    God Bless You

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