Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little more progress...

     Jacoby made some pretty good progress today!  She practiced balancing on a mat again this morning, we had a nice little lunch down at the Starbucks on the first floor, learned how to use a slide board, she was able to control a computer cursor using an over-sized trackball mouse, had her first school session, and reached a goal of staying up in her chair for six hours.  We also noticed during OT today that she has regained pretty good supination in her right arm.  Not bad for one day!
     Thanks to Sandy at ECGA for bringing in another huge stack of cards and for all those who sent them.  What an encouragement! 
     Also, thanks to Leroy Hill and Brandon Mebane for stopping in to give some encouragement as well.  Go Hawks!
     We have to throw this one in... thanks to Esthi Zemp for sending some Swiss chocolate from... Luzern, Switzerland!
     And we can't say enough about the work crew that is going gangbusters on our home remodel.  How awesome and amazing are they?   Thank you so much to all that are involved! 
     We are amazed at God's provision and timing in all things as we continue to trust Him as we walk through this trial day by day.

Jacoby's twin brother brought in his "fake baby" that he has to take care of for the day for school!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I've been following you with prayers...my daughter competed for Seattle Gymnastics for about 10 years and my niece, Julia Dressler has been in gymnastics, too. We only handled a broken foot, a broken elbow, and a couple of ankle injuries, but I remember the toll that even those simple setbacks had on Areal when she longed to be doing what she loved. Post gymnastics thoughts that I've observed in my daughter since she moved on to other things?.....gymnastics will never leave you. It has helped create the wonderful young lady that you are and it will continue to gift you for the rest of your life with everything you had to use to be a Level 9 gymnast...perseverance, attitude that approaches every challenge with grace, and perspective that winning isn't the purpose of pursuing a passion -- the journey is the gift...the "wins" are just the cherry on top.
    I've been at Children's all day with my youngest foster child...has a shunt in his brain and got pretty sick yesterday morning. We're hanging out for observation to make sure his shunt hasn't failed. Saw the Seahawk fellows, too, and had dinner down at Starbucks. Seattle Children's is an amazing place in our city, but after only one day here, I can imagine how much YOU long to just be home, in your own space, with your own schedule. Your journey will stay in my prayers and your whole family is on our prayer list at Faith Lutheran. Be well, Jacoby, and shine the light that God created in you.

  2. 6 hours! You go Jacoby! Keep up the hard work!

  3. Hi Miles family! This is Kris DiOrio, my daughter Gracieis in level for andhas hadthe pleasure of having Jacoby work with her in a few clinics @ Roach. We have enjoyed hearing about all the wonderful progress that Jacoby is making. We pray for you all each day and hope you can feel our hugs. Also, Gracie is on the "news" crew for her schooland would like to write an article about Jacoby for their next school issue. We wanted to make sure that thatis ok and if we would have permiision to post a picture. Thanks and Merry Christmas. If you need my cell is 253 355 0322 and email: aarongracie1@yahoo.com