Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The great hair...ball...

     Jacoby continues to push herself in therapy and catches on pretty quickly.  Well... most gymnasts probably would, since it's pretty much what they do!  She was able to use the arm bicycle today.  This will help strengthen her arms and give them better flexibility at the same time.  She tried to stand upright in the "stander" as well.  Didn't quite make it all the way upright before her blood pressure went wacky, but after she sat back down in her chair and reclined her color came back quickly and she started feeling better.  Previously, it would have taken 2 to 3 hours to recover.  So, her body is definitely learning how to better regulate the blood pressure.
     Thank you to Aly Raisman for sending a nice Pandora bracelet as a get well token and to Nastia for sending some memorabilia as well!
     Today's biggest thank you has to go out to the ladies at the U-Village Gene Juarez store for getting the giant dreadlockish nightmare out of the back of Jacoby's hair!  We talked her recreational therapist into letting this trip be her outing for the week and it turned out great!

Please no visitors until Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  Therapy during the week takes up the whole day and is exhausting!  Thank you for understanding.
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  1. Thanks for the continued updates! We continue to pray for all of you and look forward to seeing what God is going to do! I am already amazed at his blessing I have seen in the midst of it all. Jacoby is an amazing gift to us all and I am so excited to see how she continues to seek God and glorify Him in the midst of an unimaginable circumstance! As Prov 31 says, "She is clothed with strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come". What a strong, Godly young woman she already is :-). I know He can do more than we ever ask or imagine! I continue to pray for complete healing for Jacoby! Go Jacoby we're praying for you!

  2. That's a great verse for Jacoby, Wendy!

  3. GO TEAM JACOBY!!! I had the privilege of styling Jacoby's hair yesterday, along with my colleague, Alexis. What an amazingly strong and beautiful young woman, with gorgeous, Rapunzel-like hair! :-) It's pretty faces like Jacoby's that make our job easy, and experiences and stories like hers, especially, that remind us why we do what we do every day. It was an emotional task for Jacoby, trusting us to take the knot out of her hair, but I'm glad she can rest now knowing that there are no more tangles. Thank you Jacoby, on behalf of all of us here at Gene Juarez, for being so brave and coming in to visit us. We look forward to seeing you and your family again soon for all of your beauty and spa needs! I'm most excited for you to start your massage healing here! We have some of the best massage therapists around and I know they would love to accommodate you! XOX

  4. WOW!! how awesome is OUR GOD!!! He is there with Jacoby everyday and is in Awe of the wonderful progress she is making with His help and healing coming to her each time she makes great positive strides in her therapy. My continued prayers are with her. thanks so much for the updates on this blog.
    I am in awe so much with all the get well wished she has had coming in. Please be on the lookout for a card from Andrea Brooks soon. :-) May The Lord God bless you and heal you Jacoby. Keep up on being positive!!!