Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home Sweet Home...

     We took Jacoby on one long bumpy cab ride to the reveal of our remodeled home!  What an amazing experience.  We were all a bit overrun with emotion seeing our little dead-end street lined with people we know and love and others we had yet to meet that had put so much time and effort into our home over that last ten days.  God has used so many people to bless and encourage us throughout this whole ordeal.  Thank you to all that had a part.  We absolutely love the work you have done on our home!"


  1. Hi jacoby my name is Brooke and I am 5 gymnast and I hope one day you can judge me I think you would teach ma a lot merry Christmas

  2. May the New Year bring you health and healing.

  3. Was looking at the Komo News link, and I was reading through the comments when I stumbled upon this. I'm not sure if the family has had the chance to read this comment, but I wanted to do my part to make sure they do, so I am re-posting it here. The man left no name with his comment, the title of his comment was simply 'Just sayin' Here is the comment:

    "I just wanted to let the Miles Family and Jacoby know that I know a man who was paralyzed from an accident they told him he would never walk again. I don't know if the injuries are similiar, however, he worked really hard and after a year was able to walk. The determination and hard effort you put into gymnastics will now serve you well in your recovery. I am praying for the best outcome for you because that is what you can handle."

    Bless you all :)

  4. Merry Christmas Jacoby!!!...Still praying for you every day...Great seeing the progress that you continue to make--every bit counts...Only the best of everything for you always XX <3

  5. Merry Christmas, Miles family! Praying for a day filled with joy, laughter, love and hope for you all today. You guys deserve a wonderful day. Hopefully everythin is going well at home. Stay strong, Jacoby!

  6. That is definitely a beautiful Christmas gift!! :) I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, not to mention a happy New Year! In fact, I hope 2013 brings all sorts of amazing improvements for Jacoby!

    Still thinking good thoughts from Redwood City, Calif. (formerly of San Jose),
    Shari Kaplan Witaschek