Thursday, December 20, 2012

Close Call!

     Realized today that Jacoby's situation and the overwhelming support of family, friends, and community might just be a one-of-a-kind situation.  We started off the day with the news of potentially having to push off our hospital release date.  After some discussion with Docs, Therapists, and Nurses, we talked through some issues and a lot of people learned a lot of things... to say the least!  Anyway, details aside, we are still working toward a Christmas Eve release date from the hospital!  Please pray for a great weekend and for Jacoby to continue to make excellent progress.

Behind on a few of Brad's hats made by the "hat elf"...

Please no visitors until we are released from the hospital.  We are trying to make sure we have "checked off" everything needed for us to get released on Dec. 24. and need to be able to focus solely on Jacoby and her care.  Thank you for understanding.

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  1. Praying hard for a Christmas at home! Everyone deserves it. Good luck this weekend. Stray strong and focused.

  2. I love brads hat collection:) I am praying hard that she will have the strength to come home for Christmas! Love ya Jacoby!

  3. I pray Jacoby will be able to come home Christmas Eve! Love you all!

  4. Hey guys! We have been so blessed to follow Jacoby's progress! We pray for you and share your progress at Cornerstone regularly. Cornerstone has a gift for Jacoby, but I have not been successful in getting a mailing address to send it to. Could you fb me an address, or email me at I'd love to get it to her soon! Love you guys!