Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thanks Lani and WPFC!

     Thank you to our occupational therapist, Lani, for all her work with with Jacoby over the last few weeks.  This was our goodbye picture as she has finished her internship here at Children's.  Congratulations to her on becoming an official OT!  Best wishes to her as she moves on to the next stage in her career.

     Jacoby was pretty sore today.  Probably due to the long week of therapy, so it was nice she just got to chill most of the day.   Her siblings participated in a soccer fundraiser last night down at Washington Premier Football Club (WPFC).  They had a blast!  Thank you so much to WPFC and all the volunteers that helped make it happen and for all those that attended in support of Jacoby.  We are blessed to be part of such an amazing soccer club!



  1. You look beautiful in that picture! Keep trying, praying, and believing.

  2. Hey Jacoby, I have been praying for you non-stop. Your strength and determination are inspiring! I check this blog daily to see how your doing and it warms my heart everytime I see your beautiful smile in every picture. You truly are an inspiration. Keep up the work, keep pushing forward and keep trusting God's plan!
    Love Lauren Patefield
    P.S. Tatum and Kierstin miss you and say hi!