Thursday, November 22, 2012

Join in the National effort to help Jacoby...

Social Networking Campaign on Thanksgiving Day

This sweet girl is 1 in million...
you can be #b1namillion TOO!


On a day when we will all be at home enjoying our Thanksgiving Turkey, the parents of Jacoby Miles, a Sumner, WA, USA, gymnast who was paralyzed following a routine gymnastics skill last Friday, will be by their daughters bedside while their daughter is in the FIGHT OF HER LIFE!
While we are sitting around the dinner table on this Thanksgiving Day sharing with our families what we are thankful for, let us remember the Miles family in our prayers and in our pocket books.
This is YOUR chance to #B1namillion!
If everyone will donate just $1 to the TEAM JACOBY FUND
we will raise enough money to get her the best doctors and the best treatment money can buy.
Let's give this ANGEL a chance to walk again!
To make your minimum $1 donation before midnight tonight go to

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  1. Can we get some sort of counter? I think it would be very motivating to watch it climb towards our goal! Happy Thanksgiving to the entire
    Miles family. You are in my prayers.

  2. A counter would be really cool!

  3. You all are continuously in our prayers. Waiting is the hardest part. Waiting on God's perfect plan. He loves Jacoby so much & has her wrapped up in His loving arms. Praying for a mighty miracle from our amazing God.

  4. May my little donation help you to fully recover!
    Don't give up Jacoby!

    Carmen from Italy

  5. We are so excited at Mount Baker Gymnastics in Burlington to help Jacoby with her recovery. On Dec 16th Mount Baker Gymnastics will be holding an open gym/raffle ticket fundraiser and all proceeds will go directly to Jacoby. Hang in there Jacoby! We are all praying for a full recovery for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. This year, I'm thankful to know you, Jacoby. I'm thankful to be able to call you my best friend and sister. I'm thankful you're recovering, and I'm thankful that miracles can happen. Stay strong Jacoby, we're all with you!

    Love, Terese

  7. This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful you have so many people praying for you. It was so wonderful to see all the local gyms supporting you at our clinics this week. I saw girls from Auburn, Crystals, and Grace, even coaches! I hope you're feeling the outpouring of love!!

  8. SO HAPPY TO SEE Jacoby with her eyes wide open.... God bless you Jacoby. Continue getting well. Much love from a mom in this world.

  9. Jacoby,
    Miss you at gym! I've been praying for you.
    Believe in yourself and trust that god is with you.

  10. God Bless you sweety. You are in Gods hands. Wishing you a full recovery and lots of Blessings. We all have faith that you will walk again... May God comfort you and your family... Take care...

  11. Jacoby,

    Seeing that smile is worth more than a million dollars on it's own. Along with your unshakeable faith in our Lord in heaven, your smile is what I always think of when I think of you. The tremendous success you've experienced as a gymnast is a testament to your courage, determination and great attitude. Stay strong now! Fight the good fight! Your Father in heaven is with you always and He is hearing the prayers of people around the world. We all love you dearly.

    Coach Kevin

  12. As a member of the extended gymnastics community I wish you a speedy and miraculous recovery Jacoby. From what I've read so far you're an incredible fighter so keep it up. My name is Kristin Edwards and I'm on the Texas Woman's University gymnastics team. I'll be sure to spread the word to my team mates and coaches and we will all have you in our thoughts and prayers. Keep it up girl!!! I'll be watching your progress via this blog and contributing in any way possible :)

  13. We don't know you but are inspired by the love you bring out in people and heart broken your are hurt and are adding you to our prayers. A donation from each of us in our family. The Lyell Family Dallas, Oregon.

  14. Praying for you Jacoby...God can heal in even miraculous ways...I follow Gymnastics or I most likely wouldn't have heard your story-I trained when I was younger and I coached in Southern California for a while too-You have my utmost respect for everything you've ever done in your Gymnastics...I feel very privileged to be able to know of your endeavors...You're a great inspiration to many people...Please keep your wonderful faith in God-He will always be there for you...Only the best for you always...I will continue to follow your blog...

  15. I do not know you but I had to share my thoughts~ What an amazing young lady(and her family) with their positive attitudes and faith, I think they can expect a miricle. I too was a gymnast and had a fall from a handstand on high bar landing on the back of my neck I was just lucky that my injury wasn't worse. Hang in girl, You Are and WILL continue to be a special inspiration to MANY! PRAYERS are with U!!!I hope and pray others will donate what they can too and that you recieve all of the donations needed to get you thru everything you will need!

  16. I also don't know you or your family but I have been following your story. You sound like an amazingly strong girl and I truly believe the doctors, although they mean well, aren't Always right. I hope God wraps his arms around you and your family. We all are praying for you:) I will be donating tommorow to the account:)Think if everyone that sees this just donates a dollar! Amazing things can happen.I hope everyone does:) Laurie

  17. Oh and on another positive best friend was in a motorcycle accident and suffered a traumatic
    brain injury last year and her doctor told her she would probably never get movement back on her left side. WELL with just a little over two months of rehab she went home and has full use of her left side and has pretty much recovered 100 percent! So yes doctors don't always get it right (although they are awesome!)and yes miracle happen. Hang in there sweety....

  18. Your story touched my heart stay strong Jacoby

    I hope you have a speedy recover Jacoby I'm prayer for a wonderful outcome you and your family are in my prayers every single day and night

    <3 Lauren

  19. You are in our prayers; faith and courage!