Friday, December 7, 2012

Let's Drive!

     Wow, what a day!  Jacoby spent the morning hours practicing driving in her new power wheelchair with therapists brainstorming and making adjustments for better fit.  She took it outside for the first time on the grass and up and down the hill in front of the hospital.  She's really getting the hang of it!
     And not diverging from the days theme, we received the HUGE blessing of a wheelchair accessible Toyota Sienna from Look Larson Toyota of Tacoma, Vantage Mobility International, and Mobility Services of Sumner!  What an amazing gift.  A huge thank you to those three businesses for their support.
     Jacoby's siblings spent the last couple of days participating in a couple awesome fundraisers put on by Jacoby's school, Ballou Junior High.  A big thanks to all the teachers, staff, and students for another great showing of support.  We are so blessed to have such a loving community around us. 
     Please continue to pray for Jacoby's continued strength and healing.  

Please visitors only on Sunday this weekend as we are in need of some quality family time with Jacoby and her siblings, thanks!

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  1. That's pretty cool! Hopefully your new power chair will give you quote a bit more freedom. It'll definetly be fun to be able to get out a bit more. Keep working hard. You seem like such a strong girl. Praying for you every night from Montréal. Stay strong, Jacoby!

  2. Continuing to pray for peace for you and yours. Jacoby. Please tell your mom and dad hi and give your Gramma Frank a big kiss. We love her and miss her. I know she has to have been a big encouragement through this all. Keep your eyes on Him.
    In "His" Grip
    Kelly and Dove

  3. The kindness of stranger is so awesome! :D I live in California, but if I were in Washington and shopping for a Toyota, the ONLY dealer I'd go to is the one that was generous enough to voluntarily give one away to Jacoby! (I happen to love Toyota, having driven a Corolla for the past 16+ years!!) I'm glad Jacoby's getting the hang of driving a power wheelchair; that shows she has enough movement in her fingers and hands to do so! Keep up the good work! And I will of course keep up the positive thoughts for her! <3

    Cheers from Redwood City (formerly from San Jose), California,
    Shari Kaplan Witaschek :)

  4. Hey!! My name is Tiri and I am partially blind and have EDS/fibromyyagia/chronic pain syndrome. I compete in disability gymnastics in the UK (I dont think there is disability gymnastics in the US) and I just won bronze at the British Disability Gymnastics Championships! I heard about you from a gymnastics website, and saw your video/infomation and was really touched by your amazing attitude!! Your a lovely girl, and an amazing gymnast and I hope that life goes as well as possible for you. :') Let me know how you are doing please!! Sending prayers, love and hugs, Tiri xxxxxxxx